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7 Essential Things You Should Always Keep in the Car

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We end up spending hours and hours in our cars, which means we might find ourselves needing a few things while we’re away from our homes. If you want to make sure you’re always prepared, here are seven things you should keep in your vehicle.

Car Insurance Information

You should always have your car insurance information in your vehicle. Your insurance protects you and other drivers if you’re in an accident and can pay for damages to your vehicle. Without insurance, you run the risk of losing your license or paying hefty fines. You should always have your insurance information in your vehicle so you can present it to other drivers in case you’re in an accident. You might also want to keep the number for an accident attorney in Newfoundland, NJ in your glove box, so you’re always prepared. Comprehensive car insurance will provide you with the best coverage, which will benefit you in any situation. Get car insurance quotes with iSelect and make sure you’re getting the best possible insurance.

Spare Tire

Not having a spare tire could be extremely dangerous. You could end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with no way to get your vehicle safely back on the road. Having a spare tire will give you peace of mind that if (and when) your tire blows, you can replace it instantly. Of course, you should also know how to change a tire if you’re toting around a spare one, so make sure you learn before you hit the road.

Emergency Kit

Equip your vehicle with an emergency kit. You can make your own easily and for little cost. In your car emergency kit include a flashlight, duct tape, and a first aid kit. If you take regular medication, you might want to include a spare pill in your emergency kit. Make sure your vehicle has everything you might need if you were stranded.

Jumper Cables

Everyone’s car battery dies from time to time, especially during cold winters. Make sure you’re carrying jumper cables with you. If you have the cables, you can ask anyone passing by to give you a quick jump and get you back on the road. Learn how to use the jumper cables before you actually need them.

Food And Water

You’ll want to keep a little extra food and water in your car, just in case you’re ever stranded. People have been stuck in cars for days during winter storms, so you can’t be too careful. Drinking water will help you stay warm, and eating food will give you the energy you need to tough it out. Keep some granola bars or dried fruit in your vehicle and make sure you have the trunk stocked with plenty of water.

Extra Blanket Or Coat

You’ll also need to keep an extra blanket or coat in your car. If you do end up trapped during a winter storm, you won’t be able to keep your heat running. Having an extra blanket in your vehicle could make a huge difference. Keeping a spare coat in the back might also help you or anyone else in the car. The last thing you want is to freeze in your vehicle while waiting for help, so keep a few extra coats and blankets in your car.

Car Charger

We rely on our phones for everything these days, so it’s important that you have a car charger for it. If you’re taking a road trip and using your phone for directions, you can’t let it die. You’ll also want to make sure you have a way to call for help if you ever need it. Keep your phone charged and store an extra wall charger in your emergency kit, just in case.

Having extra things your car might make a huge difference if you’re faced with a crisis. Stock your vehicle with these seven things and you can drive confidently.

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