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Concrete…is there anything it can’t do?

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concrete calgary
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Here at Patriarch Construction, we mix and supply volumetric concrete for both the builder and home-owner. Using Tarmac for top of the range sustainable building materials, we are proud to produce excellent, high-quality concrete for your Calgary project.

Using an ‘only pay for what you lay’ policy, we strongly believe in producing cost-effective, high quality concrete for you, and will work as hard as we can to meet your specific requirements.

With our skilled team of concrete calgary experts, we work hard to make sure your concrete needs are met quickly and smoothly, with no wastage or upheaval to your everyday life. We’re excited to work with you on your residential or commercial concrete venture in Calgary today.

Why Use Volumetric Concrete?

concrete calgary

We specialise in volumetric concrete calgary because it’s easily the best way of producing high-quality, cost-effective concrete with as little wastage as possible.

Unlike a rotary drum concrete mixer, our top of the range, volumetric concrete mixers have precise dispensing systems, resulting in the correct amount of concrete being produced every time. This saves time and money – who doesn’t want that?

With a volumetric concrete mixer you are also able to save time by mixing concrete on-site. This is crucial, as mixing can take place quickly and the concrete remains fresh.

This is also beneficial if several types of concrete are required, as this can be done quickly on-site, without the need of multiple trips to retrieve more.

We Mix Concrete for Small and Large Builds

Accredited with BSI Quality Management Systems, mixing and supplying high-quality concrete for a range of projects in Calgary is our specialty. There is no job too big or too small – if you need high-quality concrete for a small or large build, you can rely on Patriarch Construction to meet your exact requirements.

Small Builds

Are you thinking of laying a concrete base for a beautiful new Calgary conservatory? Or perhaps you’re renovating your driveway? Whatever you’re planning, we mix and supply the best concrete in Calgary for your range of small, residential projects.

There will be minimal upheaval to your everyday life, with our excellent team that will work quickly and effectively to ensure your concrete is the best quality, but also not a disturbance to you and your family.

Large Builds

Perhaps you have a much bigger, perhaps commercial project in mind? That’s no problem for Patriarch Construction, as we mix and supply concrete to a range of large projects in Calgary such as motorway services and highway maintenance.

No job is too big, and we would love to get involved in your ideas.

We can Supply Concrete for your Project

We are more than happy to work with both home-owners and builders on a supply-only basis. We know our volumetric concrete calgary is top of the range and highly sought after, and we enjoy supplying it for your own specific projects.

We will mix the concrete on-site for you, so that it’s all ready for you to get started on your venture.

To ensure the high quality of our product we refrain from using recyclable materials, as we are passionate about producing pure, top of the range concrete that is not subsidised in any way.

However, our volumetric concrete is very environmentally friendly, as our mixers produce such little wastage and also hugely save on fuel. With on-site mixing reducing trips to retrieve more concrete, we save a huge amount of fuel each year.

Why Choose Patriarch Construction for your Concrete?

Now, why should you choose Patriarch Construction for your concrete needs? Well, that’s an easy one. We are a family-run business and will be with you every step of the way, using our expert knowledge and skills to involve you as much as possible in the process, while taking care of the tricky bits so that you don’t have to.

To get more of a feel for our team and what we stand for, please take a look at our Meet the Team page.

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