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Consider BigCommerce website development
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Now you don’t have to break your keyboard if you’ve made any bigcommerce development services of the following mistakes. But, you can definitely note your shortcomings and work on correcting them before uploading your next app. Here are some app developers toronto guidelines you could keep in mind.

Make sure there aren’t any broken links

Expect your app to surely be rejected on the bigcommerce development if the links contained within the app are broken and don’t work.

Missing information

Your sales pitch to prospective users is the information that they read in the bigcommerce development description. More than the risk of getting your app rejected, you risk users deciding against installing the app. By getting your content in order, you can avoid this.

Avoid submitting duplicate apps

If the app has already rejected before, it’s not wise to submit it again under a different name, theme, best website design. There would need to be new features that would make the difference. Otherwise, the app would be rejected again. Also consider enhancing the user experience so more users would find it useful rather than just a niche.

Never underestimate app store optimization

Similar to SEO for websites, investing time and money into this would make your app more visible. This is vital during the initial phase where the bigcommerce development is yet to start gaining traction. Paid acquisition of users is also a trick that could boost app downloads quickly. The scenario changes completely if you are well funded!

Review the payload size

It’s known to most users that installing too many hiring the best web developer d can slow down the device due to memory consumption. The lesser space your app takes on users’ phones, the better.

Probably the most essential of all the bigcommerce development

Focus on providing a unique and useful experience

Don’t ignore the other apps that are already present in the category you will upload to. If your app is very similar to the others, users may not find useful at all and at times, the app could be rejected as well.

Streamline (or) fix user registration process

It’s always good to implement social media integration in the user signup process. In case you chose not to do this, the signup process should be smooth and easy to understand for all users.

Avoid false representation of app’s capabilities/functions

Be sure about what goes into your app’s description. If the functions described aren’t present in the app, the app could get rejected.

Be upfront about ads in the app

Just like any of the other app store guidelines, follow the advertisement guidelines for the respective app stores.

Give importance to logo design

Creatives can make a world of difference in promoting your app. It gives the app a unique look. A catchy logo design will make the app look more visible and relevant to users.

Address issues mentioned in reviews and ratings

Probably the most essential of all the bigcommerce development guidelines. Even if your app has 3 or 4 stars out of 5, a couple of bad reviews at the top can wreak havoc. The new ones are seen first by new users who are about to download the app. Even if it’ll take time to make those changes, you should have at least responded to those users. This is a sign of commitment for other users, and might be more inclined to download your app.

These app store guidelines are basic steps to help you get more downloads. It’s one thing to pursue your idea and build an app, but a whole other thing if you want people to download and keep using your app

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