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baby clothes

baby clothes

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Which companies in UK are top Kids and Baby clothes sellers

The top companies that the average South African parent shops at for Kids and Baby clothes are these top 9 companies. They range from more up market to cheap baby clothes brands. It of course starts with Woolworths (Woolies) to the bottom of the list the supermarket chain Pick ‘n Pay with their clothing range.

You really should make shopping a pleasurable experience, working on keeping your babies and kids clean and nicely dressed.

baby clothes
baby clothes

Top Shops for Kids and Baby clothes

Woolworths – with 73.1% shopping at this store for kids and baby clothing. You probably find Woolies baby clothes are comfy and great quality and almost all of there clothes can be tumble dried which is wonderful in Winter time when you really can’t hang clothes outside.

Lots of moms love the plain white vests and baby sleepsuit from Woolies, simply for the good quality, its something you need loads of for a newborn baby. They bodysuits are up to 36 months

Woolies also have great sales you just have to dig about when it’s that time of the year.

Edgars – 61.2% a family kind of store, my mom has always had an account there since we were little.

Edgars has red hanger sale days for great bargains as well.

Ackermans – 60.1% of people shopping here for cheap baby clothes and kids clothing, quite cute with some funky outfits at what I call affordable prices. You will find lots of mom love shopping here, so super reasonable. Just make sure with the fit, some moms find the fit quite snug, so maybe opt for a bigger size.

Truworths – 57.9 shopped at this store, I was quite surprised I never really thought this store actually even sold kids and baby clothing, you learn something all the time.

Jet – 57% this is another of the low cost shopping chains with bargains galore to be found.

Mr Price – 52.8% this store has really tapped into the latest fashions made as cheaply as possible, got to say the kids shoes are not that cheap, I am always looking for my nephew, not always much of a range there. The t-shirts, shorts, great to shop for at this store.

Pep – 47% shop in this shop, great for bargains, been around for donkey years as well, also lots of cute little girls dresses, bootleg pants, very in fashion items.

Baby City – 44.3% this has a whole range of items from the bedding, toys, pretty much anything for kids and babies.

Pick ‘n Pay – 36.5 shop here, I was actually surprised, I quite like a lot of there items like there Cherokee range for myself. They do have lots of cute baby and kids clothing. They also have a sale rack or as you come in the shop items on sale.

Pick ‘n Pay hypermarket is great when they have sales, finding all those oneseys or bodysuits for next to nothing.

Personal Choice with Kids and Baby clothes

I think it boils down to what you personally prefer shopping at, be it that your mom always bought items at a certain shop. Another thing is price wise you are going to find the cheapest place with reasonable quality in Kids and Baby clothes.

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