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Internet Marketing Is Cheap But Way More Effective

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Did you know that despite paying an average amount of $100,000 for one 30-second commercial for advertising in the television, $120 per week for radio advertising, $2,500 per month for magazine SEO advertising company, $1,300 per week for newspaper and $25,000 for billboards, you are still missing out ½ of the possible market? Did you know that the remaining half can be advertised by paying less than 1/10 of your current advertising costs? Did you know that this can be done easily without needing to manage workers, put people on payroll and build new offices for additional employees? If you do not know these then you do not know the potential of San Jose SEO Services.

You see, the emergence of Facebook, Youtube, and other social networking sites isn’t a minor fact in the lives of businessmen. It’s big news. Here we are thinking of ways to market our business in order to increase profit yet we ignore the fact that Facebook almost has 1 billion active users and Youtube has more than 4 billion daily views. If we combined the figures from other sites, we would be looking at an 11-digit figure for the daily views. So what do you do as a wise businessman? You go along the trend.

Whenever you advertise your product or your services to the public through television commercials, radio plug-ins, newspaper pages, yellow pages, and billboards, people know that these are brought on by marketing efforts. They know that the facts you present may be constructed in such a way that what you advertise will look good on people. This means that they want unbiased reviews about you in order for them to buy what you are selling. This is the reason why people will always look for a review of your service or product BEFORE buying it because they want human testimonials about how good or how bad you are. What is the solution? Natural internet marketing by sustainable marketing agency.

Natural internet marketing simply means that human people will look for you and they will find you without you having to exert any effort to reach out to them. How do you do this? Pretty simple. There are three major areas wherein you can get natural views of people or what we call internet traffic.

1. Social networking sites. In every social networking site, there is what you call a SEARCH bar. In the search bar, people will naturally type in what they want to look for. What we can do is we will “adjust” the results of the searches by putting your company, product and/or service always on the first top 3 spots.

2. Search engines. Search engines are being used more than once by a human being every single day. They will type in there what they want to look for and results will roll in. What we can do is we will figure out what words or phrases these people will type in to look for what they want and then we will make sure that whenever they type these terms in the search engines, your company, product and/or service will always be on the first top 3 spots.

3. Video submission sites. Video submission sites such as Youtube and Vimeo get an average amount of 6 billion views daily. We will “adjust” the video searches to always put your videos on the top of the search results. People will see your video, listen to your marketing pitch and follow through that by visiting your website or your webpage.

Using our expertise and our extensive experience, we can do all of these for you. All these strategies will be done perfectly and smoothly. However, everything does not end when you are already on the top. Why? Because as you go up, we will put your competitors down. How do we do this? Very simple. As your company rises to the top, we will also put in “dummy” sites or “dummy” pages which will positively talk about your product/service and these sites will also reside in the top results. This means that your competitors will likely go down since the top results are all your sites. This is what we call total San Jose SEO Company.

All these can happen to your business if you hire us. Simply visit our “About Us” page if you want to know more about us. You may visit our featured client’s page to know more about our current clients. You can also visit our SEO services page to know which type of internet marketing plan is best for your business. Hire us now. We will turn your business’ potential, into profits.

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