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Legal Aspects of purchasing On-site Caravans for Sale in NSW

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on site caravan for sale

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When considering on site caravan for sale in NSW, there are some legal aspects that the prospective owner should investigate. Here are some legal aspects to keep in mind.

Right to Occupation072

Homeowners have the right to occupy the residential premises if they signed a residential tenancy agreement offered by park staff or management. The stipulated rules that must be follow can be found in the contract by the tenant. These rules are so that Park management ensure that everyone is living in harmony with each other.

Negotiable Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing on site caravan for sale in NSW, buyers should consider negotiating various terms and conditions regarding their stay in the park. People have different schedules, therefore, some park rules may affect their stay at residential dwelling areas. It’s advisable for homeowners to negotiate such terms and agreements to ease issues with park management that may affect their stay.

Occupation Fees

on site caravan for sale
on site caravan for sale

Rental fees are up to the discretion of the Residential Park Management, however occupants need to informed well in advance if fees increase. This enables budgeting and paying required park fees on time to avoid getting in trouble with park management. Occupation fees may be paid on a weekly or monthly basis depending on park management rules regarding payment of occupation charges.

Park rules

Prospective buyers should know park rules in advance as stipulated by residential park management. Avoid getting into trouble or facing legal action from park management by following park rules. Before moving into a residential park, it’s important to know about park rules, understand them and know whether you’ll be able to abide by them or not. Most of the rules set in place by park management are mandated by law. Legal action can be taken if these laws are not followed by the tenants.

Residential Tenancy Agreement

The most important legal document to consider is the Residential Tenancy Agreement as it binds the landlord to the tenant. If problems occur down the track there can be a cancellation of the contract. For cancellation of the contract ot occur both management and tenant need to agree. To avoid legal issues and agreed upon mutually, its a simple and amicable solution. Residential tenancy agreements can be terminated if the tenant doesn’t follow park rules or gets involved in a fight. It’s therefore important for both parties to follow and abide by the tenancy agreements.

Dispute Resolution

Prospective park dwellers should know park resolution techniques. Conflicts can be resolved amicably by both parties.

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