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Natural Deodorant Without Aluminum Is Healthy For You

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Under arm odor can be irritating to others and people will stay away from you. To reduce the under arm odor, people prefer to use deodorant. These days, most of the deodorants are made up of aluminum compounds, which have very severe impact on your health. So, it is very important that you must be careful about the composition of your deodorant, which you are using in your body or in under arm. The best way is to either use the natural deodorant without aluminum or prepare aluminum free deodorant. This article will let you know about some natural deodorant and how to make aluminum free deodorant.

Health Hazards Of Deodorant With Aluminum

Excessive use of deodorant with aluminum is not good for your health. Research has proved that when the aluminum deodorant is sprayed in the skin, the skin of your body absorbs it, which leads to various types of health disorders. The aluminum compounds are responsible for various types of fatal disorders such as Alzheimer’s, breast cancer in case of women, various types of brain disorders, and many more. So, doctors and dermatologists highly prescribe to avoid the body spray with aluminum.

Natural Deodorant Without Aluminum Content

To avoid all the health hazards, which arise due to the use of deodorant with aluminum, you should use natural best deodorant without aluminum. You will find various types of best natural deodorant for women, which are made up of natural ingredients such as Tea oil, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary etc. These deodorants which are made up of these natural ingredients are quite soothing to your skin and they effectively reduce the bad odor from your body or under arm. They provide a long lasting effect and your body do not release any bad odor for a long time. So, before you buy deodorant, you must check these natural compositions in the deodorant.

How To Make Dry Deodorant Without Any Aluminum

You can make your own dry deodorant without any aluminum content in it. For making dry deodorant at home, take a container with lid. Put one part of the container with aluminum free baking soda. In some baking soda, aluminum compounds are mixed, so be careful, while you are buying the soda. Now put six parts of cornstarch in the same container and shake well. This mixture can be used as dry deodorant and for fragrance; you can add mint leaves, dry herbs, bay leaves etc. Apply the mixture under your arm with the help of cotton.

How To Prepare Liquid Deodorant Without Aluminum At Home

The liquid best deodorant without aluminum can be easily made at home. Take a container and filled it with one part baking soda and one part of rubbing alcohol. If you have a sensitive skin, you can replace alcohol with equal part of witch hazel, aloe gel and water. To add fragrance, you can use liquid fragrance such as lavender, coconut oil, rosemary etc. This is really very effective deodorant and you will stay away from the pungent smell of your body to a long extent.

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