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Postal Tubes: Secure, Sturdy, and Simple Way of Shipping Fragile Items

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postal tubes

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Are you looking for postal tubes suppliers? If so, take a look below for some valuable information that may help you in your search.

Postal tubes

There are many options when purchasing Postal tubes and corrugated box. They can be made as large as 48″ in diameter and 1/2″ wall thickness.  Custom printing is also an option on the inside or out.

There also have an endless custom made supply of closures available.  Check with your supplier to see what is available.

Postal tubes Closures

postal tubes
postal tubes

There are several styles of postal tubes closures to choose from. Check your supplier for the availability of each.

Flip Ends:  This type of postal tubes closure involves the tube itself.  Both ends of the tube fold in to create a closure on each side.

Serrated Closures:  This type of closure is a circular piece of metal with a serrated edge.  It is tightly fitted on either side of the tube to secure the contents.  Fitted on the inside portion of the tube.

Wood Bungs:  Similar to a cork the wood is tightly secured on both ends of the tube to secure the contents.

Plastic Plugs:  Similar to the serrated closures except they are made from plastic.  Fitted on the inside portion of the tube.

Paper Caps:  Paper caps are similar to the plastic plugs except they secure the tube from the outside portion.

To select proper postal tubes, keep in mind the following:

Diameter – the inner space of the tube that will comfortably fit your product.

Thickness – the protection amount ranging from thin to very heavy.

Length – the length size of the large diameter cardboard tubes with end closures.

Liners – inner tube protection for your product such as water resistant or rust.

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