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Suffered A Drop In Rankings? Try These Tips To Recover SEO Rankings

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You used to have great rankings for your website, all the major keywords showed up, and you received a lot of traffic to your business site. Then something happened and all of a sudden your website rankings begin to fall. There can be several reasons why rankings fall. It is important to fix the problem and get leads and sales again. A good SEO Los Angeles company should be hired to maintain the rankings on search engines. You can talk to a few agencies and hire the best one matching your requirements and business goals.

Here Are Some Essential Tips That Can Help You Regain The Good Rankings

Redesigning The Website

If you launch a new design for your existing website, you should be ready to accept the drop in rankings. No matter how well you redesign your site, rankings are going to drop. In order to get the rankings again, you should optimize the website prior to its launch. As there will be a temporary drop in rankings when you revamp your website, you may have to wait for 2-3 months to regain rankings. While redesigning your business site, make sure that you discuss SEO aspects with your SEO Los Angeles company.

Low-Quality Links

When it comes to backlinks, most of the website owners make the mistake of getting low-quality links. Always remember that quality matters, and quantity doesn’t when you need backlinks from your website. There’s no point in having thousands of low-quality links to your website. It is a known fact that having low quality or large quantity of links can make your rankings drop or disappear. Avoid having any unnatural links pointing towards your website.

Bad Hosting

This is one of the most common reasons why rankings drop is choosing a low-quality hosting. If the data center cannot provide fast loading pages for your website, then it can make your competitor websites to rank higher than yours. The solution is selecting a reliable hosting service provider. Avoid using a server that already has 5000 other websites to host. You can talk to some Expert SEO professionals to know about hosting solutions.


Content plays a major role in the search engine rankings of your website. Low-quality content can have a negative impact on your rankings. Remove such pages or improve the content of your website to get higher rankings in Google and other search engines. You can look for an experienced SEO Los Angeles to help you with the content.

Final Thoughts

If your rankings drop, the reason behind it should be found. Proper actions should be taken to restore the rankings. Try to fix the issues first to make your website capable of recovering rankings. Check the website for malware or hacking and talk to expert professionals if you need help with improving the rankings.

Drop in rankings can make anyone panic. If your website rankings have dropped, you may need to understand the reason behind it. Once the cause is identified, you can look for an appropriate solution to make your website rank higher in search engines.

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