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The Ultimate Hens Night Ideas & Organization Guide Part- 1

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So you’ve been given the daunting title of “maid of honour” – in my eyes this title is more along the lines of “maid of organizing everything including being solely responsible for the success or failure of my best friends hens night!” but who cares about titles! It is your duty to ensure this night is one your guests and more importantly, your hen, will always remember (or forget completely).

Hen’s nights might seem like an awful lot of work – and they are – but there are many things you lovely ladies can do to make life easier. Topless Waiters, Male strippers Melbourne, Cocktail Parties,  I have organized thousands of hens nights across Australia – starting as a topless waiter myself and working up to the manager/owner of my own hens night company I have seen all sides of the Hens night Melbourne process. Below is a accumulation of hens night information that I think will benefit you, from conception to delivery!

This isn’t going to be like other articles that put out basic things, like “save the date” as a key pointer on a hens night (duh?), i’ll be leaving out the common sense stuff and going straight for the nitty gritty of the best hens night ideas!

Starting with Hens night Melbourne and now located all across Australia this guide will draw from my experience in the hens night industry, however I will make it very broad and include hens night ideas for people from all around the world. Happy Reading![1]

Preliminary Easy Stuff;

Hens night Melbourne
  • Figure out who’s doing the guest list – you or the hen
  • Get a feel for what the hen wants – if you know her well (I would hope you do?) you might not even need to ask her (surprises are better) – brainstorm some hens night ideas.
  • Determine a location you want your hens to be (I’m talking geographical here not specific), would you like topless waiters Melbourne? Male Strippers Brisbane? A mobile bar in Sydney?

Those things should be easy to do, once you have a rough idea of what country you want to have your hens night in and generally what you will be doing – you can continue down the guide!

What Do You Want Out Of Your Hens? Hens Night Ideas!

This may well be the hardest section of the entire hens night planning process – what is it that you actually want to do? Now this isn’t an scary option because there isn’t enough to go off, it’s actually the simple netflix problem – there is too much to choose from.

I would start by asking yourself the question of guests – because in the end you have to find that right balance between what the hen would like and what the guests would be into.

Ask yourself the following validating questions before brainstorming hens night ideas!

  1. How much age variety is there at this hens, will any oldies be attending who will be less inclined to participate in a raunchy hens? Or the opposite, nervous youngsters who wouldn’t know how to relate?
  2. Will your attending guests be of a conservative nature – i.e will they be for or against having topless men / topless waiters walking around handing them drinks? What about a male strip show?
  3. Are your guests big drinkers? Would they be satisfied with only a couple of cocktails, or do you want to go all out with a unlimited cocktail bar? (I know I would!)
  4. How much do your guests make in a year? Would they be happy to put in $80 each for an awesome hens night? What about $100, $150?
  5. Are your guests the adventurous type? Would they want to do a fun activity – or keep it a bit more classy, such as a cocktail package?
  6. How many people will be attending? This one is crucial, is it 8-9 people? 20? 40?

These are some great screening questions to ask your hen also, you probably won’t know everyone who the hen has invited personally so it’s important to gather this information before making any decisions.

Everybody is different, your hens may be the perfect bunch of ladies who all get along famously and who are all big party girls who love going out! In which case congratulations, your hens night will pretty much run itself! But majority of the time there is a big split within bachelorette party planning in terms of age/nature/family (especially as the numbers creep higher).

My solution to this is never be afraid to have a hens DAY, this could be something as simple as a daytime wine tour through your local area (mine would be the yarra valley), enjoying some casual drinks with all the ladies involved (including the prudes/oldies/unwanted family members/mother in law) and then dispersing after the event and heading to your hens NIGHT – where you can get as wild and crazy as you see fit, without feeling like you left out the other guests. Trust me, the oldies are going to thank you that they can get an early night anyway. High Tea’s are also a quality option, as well as day spas/manicures/massages and day cruises! Contacting the people you are unsure about and brainstorming a few Hens night Melbourne ideas is also an option!

If this divide of night/day is too big of an issue, you can also do the following – organize a topless waiter cocktail package to the venue/location of your choice, have it kick off at around 6pm and run for four hours of unlimited cocktails/drinks. You’ll have yourself a fantastic four hours of topless waiter entertainment, laughs and cocktails – the event can wrap up after four hours at around 10pm, which gives the oldies plenty of time to go home to an early night whilst still feeling like they are part of the hens night itself and gives you the time to head out into the town! You can check out our unlimited cocktail packages here.

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