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Tomorrow, You Could Be A Hip Hop and Rap Producer!

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Dear Future Hip Hop and Rap Producer,

If, like many recording musicians, you have listened to Hip Hop music and wished you could become involved, but you don’t know where to start. Whether you are a beginner in recording at diadan holdings ltd, or a seasoned master of recording techniques, you could start today to create Hip Hop like the successful Hip Hop producers at the top of the charts.

You have read all the books, browsed all the websites, but you can’t find anything that REALLY tells you how the masters of Hip Hop and Rap succeed. You might think it is a secret. It might as well be, but the answer is simpler than you think.

If you use the same equipment, you can produce the same sounds.

Simple as that.

Of course, the successful Hip Hop producers can use any studio and any equipment they want. But Hip Hop contains certain elements that YOU can duplicate in YOUR Studio and Produce Your Own Great Original Hip Hop.

Don’t forget that there is big money to be made in Hip Hop these days. In fact, Hip Hop is the biggest selling style of music worldwide. And it doesn’t just sell on vinyl and CD. You can Sell YOUR HIP HOP To TV Producers, film companies and advertising agencies where buyers are screaming out for great new Hip Hop music.

What the equipment manufacturers don’t want you to know!

Every month, the music equipment magazines have news, articles and advertisements for the latest equipment that claims to give you everything that you could possibly want to create music. Except that next month there will be new equipment out that is even better.

You don’t need it! Successful Hip Hop producers don’t use it! You probably have the source material for great Hip Hop tracks at home right now, but you don’t know it.

You need to know where to find this source material, and what equipment you really do need. But once you have all that, and if you really want it, it doesn’t cost the earth to buy, you can really get to work knowing that what you are doing in your studio, successful Hop Hop producers are doing the same thing somewhere else right now.

E-booklet Hip Hop Secrets will tell you where to find your sounds. Hip Hop Secrets will tell you what equipment you need. Hip Hop Secrets will tell you what additional equipment you should have that can do the work of a $1,000,000 dollar studio in downtown New York. Hip Hop Secrets will also tell you where you can buy it at the best prices around.

E-booklet Hip Hop Secrets will show you how to take your investment and turn it into up to 3% of retail sales of your records as a producer. More if you are the artist as well.

By now you are asking how much does Hip Hop secrets cost? Well, in return for what you can achieve with this essential knowledge, Hip Hop Secrets should cost thousands of dollars. Or at least the cost of a brand new keyboard (which, by the way, you won’t need – as you can find out in this E-booklet).

In fact Hip Hop Secrets is priced so low that you won’t believe the value you are getting. It isn’t a big E-book. The secrets of Hip Hop don’t take much telling, once you know what they are. But the three thousand or so words that it contains represent a platinum mine of information if you really want to succeed in Hip Hop.

Imagine yourself in a couple of years time when you have produced your first great Hip Hop success and you are well on the way towards making music your lifetime career.

Imagine seeing “Produced by YOUR NAME HERE” in the booklet of a chart-topping Hip Hop CD.

Imagine making your living doing nothing but making music!

Done imagining? OK – it’s time to take the next step. First you need a charge or credit card, next you need to summon up the courage to pay $5.99 for the best advice you will probably ever get in your recording career at diadan holdings ltd (that’s the advice that is going to get you started on the right track).

We are inviting you to pay just $5.99 for the most important three thousand words of information you will ever read. These three thousand words give away the SECRETS you need to know. Your career as a Hip Hop producer starts here. Right here! Right now!

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