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Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

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Are you looking to sell your house for more than your neighbors? If so, preparation is not an option for you. They say preparation meets preparedness but selling a house brings a whole new meaning to the old adage.

Ask me, I should know. Just last week I was able to close the deal on my former house, and I would like to thank the professional organizer (and team!) personally for the excellent work they did to transform my home into a valuable gem buyers simply couldn’t resist. And thanks to the bidding war, one more millionaire roams the planet. But I would like to underline the part where my wife and I couldn’t have pulled this off without the help of professional declutter services in Los Angeles.

How to make your home attractive to buyers 101

We learned so much during the entire period we worked with them. Lucky for you, I own a notebook (a real notebook, made of paper!) so here are some of the tips that I would like to pay forward to all of you out there trying to sell your home for as much as possible.

  • Improve your landscaping
  • Make repairs
  • Get a new welcome mat
  • Hire professional cleaning service to clean your home
  • Eliminate pungent smells
  • Leave some good stuff behind
  • Keep it simple!
  • Repaint with neutral colors
  • Light it up, we all love moving toward the light
  • Remove bulky furniture
  • Remove personal pictures from walls
  • Place nice plants inside

We all have stuff we cling to as near and dear to our hearts, that may or may not have any actual value. Due to this emotional attachment to stuff in your home, it can be the most difficult to take out the clutter and transform your home into a focal point for buyers.

Hiring a professional to organize your home in preparation for a sale will save you not only money but also time and effort plus all the stress involved. A professional organizer in Los Angeles has no emotional attachment to your home and will carry out the work in the best possible way and add real value to your home.

Here’s how a professional organizer can help you sell our Los Angeles property for a better price:

Decluttering services

If you want to sell your home for what it is really worth, you have to get rid of all the negative factors that devalue your home, and this means it is time to take out the garbage. What you do with stuff that comes out of your home is your business, but with a professional organizer in control there will be so much junk, you will be like “ where on earth did all that stuff come from!”

Space optimization

So you think that your house is crowded? It’s clear you have never been to my house. Well, what used to be my house in that other neighborhood. My lifelong policy is that a home is a place where I leave all my junk to go out and get more junk. But with the help of the experts, I was able to get the most out of the space in my house and still keep stuff I felt was dear to me.

Storage optimization

We did consider doing everything by ourselves obviously, but then there was no way all our clothes were going to fit in our closet. After they did their thing, I could have sworn they tossed some of our clothes in the donation pile, except nothing was missing! They were so great at reorganizing everything that we owned, and had so many creative ideas for storage.

Organizing children’s rooms

Most buyers are people with families, and naturally, they want a home that can bring happiness to their children, and a cluttered playroom is just not it. Organize your child’s room so that they can picture their own children happily living in it.

Manage your photos

Put your personal photos away. You don’t need to get rid of them, but they don’t need to be on display. When a buyer walks through your home, they want to picture their own family living there, and they don’t want to see reminders that your family lives there.

Help you redecorate before showing

You don’t really have to break the bank or go to any great lengths at all to redecorate for sale. You just need to neutralize a few aspects of your home décor to make sure at its best to attract most potential buyers. Just remove that, and shift the other and there you have it. The trick is in knowing what buyers want, what all buyers want.

Hire the top professional declutter services in Los Angeles like we did, and I promise you will be glad you did. Thank me later for helping you make the right choices leading up to a successful sale of your house for more than its worth. Fact, your home is only worth only as much as someone will be willing to pay for it!

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