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What Is 3D Holographic Display?

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The Swiss holographic display company psHolix, is going public and I can get you a pre-listing discount. 

psHolix AG is a Swiss company that has developed a technology which enables to view three-dimensional content on displays without the need of glasses. psHolix owns more than 57 patents worldwide, giving it a competitive edge in the global market. psHolix offers unique technical solutions for different product lines for all kind of displays, AR, VR and a technology that improves the autonomous driving systems providing more detailed and clear spatial information. psHolix expects to sell the technology to customers who integrate displays in their products but also to display manufacturing companies.

The company is in ongoing discussions with companies like Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Dell, etc

The psHolix display technology is considered to be the next breakthrough for displays after HDR. The main field of application is in the area of a holographic display. The inventor, Dr. Rolf-Dieter Naske has invested more than 10 years to develop a technology which enables to view three-dimensional content on displays without the need of glasses.  

There are 3 areas where psHolix is active:

General Displays (Hardware/Software)

TV, mobile, home entertainment, professional displays, automotive 

Head Mounted Display HMDs (AR, VR) (Software)

psHolix has developed a technology to watch standard 3D-video as if you would be in that video. This technology works for all existing 3D-videos. Furthermore, the psHolix technology reduces the work of the brain by communicating with the brain through the eyes and “tell” the brain where important information is for generating the so-called internal spatial image in the brain.

Autonomous Vehicles (Software)

psHolix technology is also expected to play an important role in the autonomous display technology area where its technology adds spatial depth to the driver’s display information and where it also improves the autonomous driving or flying by giving more detailed and clear spatial information to the autonomous driving systems (ADAS).

psHolix is the second company which will be launched on the Hybse exchange. The first one (medical cannabis) was sold out within days. So use the referral code “pshibo27”

Interested parties can register on http://bit.ly/32klA7y

The fundraising starts on the 28th of October. 

There is a pre-listing discount:

period 1 (20% discount): October 28 – November 10 

period 2 (15% discount): November 11 – November 24 

period 3 (10% discount): November 25 – December 8 

Listing and live trading: December 9. 

There is no minimum investment sum. Investments can be done via bank transfer, debit card, credit card and Bitcoin.

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