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What Makes a Good Cup of Coffee?

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coffee beans perth

coffee beans perth

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In our previous post we covered the first step in making the perfect cup on coffee. If you missed it, grab a coffee, take a seat and settle in right here. Otherwise, welcome back! Let’s keep exploring and really sifting through the other elements that go into perfecti our beloved beverage.

We discussed the importance of the bean (La Miscela) in our last post. Let’s have a look at the other three Ms and how they influence your cup of coffee.

La Macinazione – The Grinding

La Macinazione is the grinding, the process, the dose.

It is an incredibly important step, argued by some to be the most important, as consistency in extraction is imperative to ensure good coffee.

A quality grinder is important for control of the grind size and uniformity of particle size distribution.

Different blends and different machines will determine varying degrees of optimum extraction with relation to its coarseness or fineness of grinds, so it is important to have a grinder with adjustable settings and experiment with these settings when switching blends.

There is a myth of sorts that has been perpetuated by some baristas that grinding should only take place immediately prior to brewing to lesson the exposure to oxygen and keep a hold of the precious aromas.

In the past this was much more crucial, but the modern methods of packaging and storage have helped us overcome the necessity of this rule. Advances in packaging methods mean we can prevent a lot of this oxidisation and slow the aging process. Better preserving both beans and freshly ground coffee. Of course, choosing to buy your coffee from a local roaster is ideal as beans are roasted and delivered within a shorter timeframe, keeping them fresh and authentic.

Coffex beans and ground coffee are packaged in vacuum sealed or airlock valved bags to ensure freshness. The grind gets us to the goodness, the oils and flavour components sealed inside. Good beans deserve good grind.

La Macchina The Machine

The first few years of the twentieth century saw the first commercial espresso machine manufactured in Italy and although it has evolved significantly since then, it has remained the primary component in the make-up of quality coffee.

Despite advances in technology allowing for computerised measurements, timers, and portability, coffee machines are forever taken for granted by baristas and coffee lovers.

That said, it only takes one bad coffee to act as an unsavoury reminder as to the importance of a good-quality coffee machine.

So lucky we are, in fact, to live in these modern times where a decent coffee machine is not only relatively inexpensive, but it’s now becoming more and more common to see them in the home.

With machines improving in efficiency and function, we are seeing changes in the technology available, reduction of waste, and improvements in quality.

This makes it easier for you to attain that good cup of coffee, every day, any time.

As we perfect technology in our never-ending quest for the perfect brew, new advancements find their way onto the market, and the discerning coffee crowd dictates what stays and what goes.

An espresso machine that is rapidly gaining popularity for its efficiency and flavour is capsule coffee machines.

Despite some preferring the tradition of the ‘coffee run’ or the experience of the café, more people are converting to pods for their convenience and even more people are surprised by how good they can be.

Of course, everything up until using the machine is critical. You can have the fanciest machine on the market, but if your beans are stale or of poor quality, there is nothing an espresso machine can do to rectify that. However, a good quality machine will regulate temperatures, timings, and extraction. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary remedies in this process also.

Coffex has a range of quality machines for commercial, home, and office use. Find one to suit your needs today.

coffee roasters near me
coffee roasters near me

La Mano – The Hand

Who do we thank when we finally have that steaming cup? The barista, of course.

The machine can’t brew without an operator, but there’s a whole lot more to being a barista than simply pushing a few buttons.

The barista is setting the grind, the dose, and to some degree operating the espresso machine.

Some may have a more automated situation while others are involved to varying degrees, in a more manual process.

A lot of factors can influence the outcome at this point, regardless if you have the finest blend of beans and the most glorious espresso machine ever invented, the person operating the machine is responsible from here on out.

Their tamping technique, pulling the shot, frothing, pouring, and latte art all play their part in your coffee and all ways in which the barista brings artistry to the creation of coffee.

Of course, no matter how delicious your coffee is, an experience with a belligerent barista will stay with you long after the caffeine has worn off.

So it’s important for baristas to have great customer service skills and a sense of urgency as they work the group handles.

Baristas can learn more about their role in making a good cup of coffee and improve their skills with the barista training course at Coffex Coffee.

Roasting and blending exceptional coffee is our passion, so the making of a perfect cup of coffee is incredibly important to us and we see great value in training baristas to produce this perfect cup. Every time.

Coffex make the perfect cup of coffee

So, what makes a good cup of coffee?

It seems a lot of things go into that one little cup, some of which are variable and subjective, and other things that are not available for compromise.

And that’s the thing, no one wants a good cup of coffee; we want a great cup of coffee. The perfect cup. The one that pays its respects to the four Ms and honours the ceremony that is coffee.

Coffex coffee roasters sydney have been roasting coffee beans in Brunswick since 1959. As trusted wholesale coffee suppliers within Melbourne’s thriving coffee scene, we pride ourselves on selling quality coffee and equipment to ensure businesses can deliver quality coffee.

With over a century of history behind us, Coffex continues to develop and source the best beans, methods, and equipment to continue to keep Melbourne one of the coffee capitals of the world.

Contact us today

Coffex Coffee wholesale coffee suppliers sell premium coffee and commercial espresso machines for businesses across Australia. Contact us online or call 1300 263 333.

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