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Why Protein Drinks For Women Are A Healthy Habit

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protein water australia

protein water australia

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While men aspiring for bulk and bulges in their body tend to include them in their daily regimen, science dictates that protein water brands australia for women are more than ideal and should sell more. Women need at least about 46 grams of protein in their daily diet in order to stay healthy. This required daily protein intake even increases significantly when a woman is pregnant, to dabout double the usual intake at 71 grams per day.

protein water brands australia
protein water brands australia

 The Protein Facts

Proteins are very important to the proper cell function in our bodies, especially in the molecules. As much as they vary in structures, did you know that there are different types of protein? And did you also know that each type also performs a specific function in the molecular formation?

The most basic functions of proteins include defending the body against many germs and diseases, aiding in the molecular structure, as well as facilitating proper bodily movements and coordination. More specifically, one common type of protein that may be popular among many are the antibodies which are specialized proteins that help destroy foreign body invaders known as the “antigens”. Antibodies help immobilize antigens so that the white blood cells can perform their function of destroying these invaders.

Meanwhile, enzymes are also a specialized type of protein, which work as catalysts to speed up chemical reactions in the body. Another type of protein is that which is known as a “storage protein” because it helps store amino acids that are responsible for proper digestion and metabolism.

Build Lean Muscle

Aside from these, proteins also help build muscles, make bones strong, and maintain cells, tissues and organs of the body. Proteins also help heal the body faster, and are especially helpful to body-builders and other fitness buffs since they help the body recover faster from tiredness and exhaustion brought about by a heavy workout session.

And if these are not enough to convince women to include protein water brands Australia in their daily diet, perhaps knowing that proteins can also help them lose weight much faster can be a surefire way to convince them.

Why protein waters?

Some women might say, who needs protein water Australia for women when you can easily include proteins in your diet without having to scour health stores. Your refrigerator might just as well serve you with your daily proteins, right? Well, they might be partly right.

While your daily source of protein may be readily found in your refrigerator, namely eggs, fish and chicken, unlike protein waters, these are much more complex proteins and may actually require your body to work a lot more before your body can actually absorb all the protein it needs.

Protein water brands Australia for women are especially formulated so that your body can easily absorb the proteins much faster and in a more effective way. One study showed that a person taking an all-protein diet for a month showed much lesser results in terms of developing muscles, compared to a person who has been taking protein waters for only two weeks.

Protein drinks contain milk or yogurt as a base, as well as a mix of crushed fruits and vegetables for a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and fibers. What makes protein powder with water for women very effective is the fact that they are in a liquid formula which makes it not only convenient but more importantly, much easier to swallow and digest.

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