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Support and FAQ

How do you publish real estate ads on Okcasa.net?

First you need to register by clicking the “publish ads” or “sign in” button that you find on the home page. Choose the section of interest “Real estate agencies” or “Private” and enter all the required data, including user name and password. To confirm the activation of the account (after checking the staff) you will receive an email. From that moment on, you can quickly and easily enter a description, photos and maps of your properties.

How much does it cost to publish ads on Okcasa.net?

Advertisements for real estate agencies are FREE. For individuals it is possible to insert a maximum of one ad at a time for a total cost of € 24 (including VAT) for 4 months. In both cases, the entry is restricted to registered users only.

The real estate announcements entered for how long are they online?

The duration of publication of the announcements will be 6 months for the sale, and 4 months for the rent. To increase the publication period it will be necessary to update it from the announcement management panel by clicking on edit.

How many ads can I post?

For real estate agencies there are no entry limits, while for private users, a maximum of one property at a time.

Do the ads expire after the trial period expires?

Yes, they remain inserted and you can continue to administer them to your liking.

After the trial period will the password remain the same?

It will remain the same until you decide to change it.

How do I forget my password?

To recover the password, just enter “publish ads” or “log in” at home, click on “retrieve login data”, enter your email address and after a few moments it will be returned to your email address.

What is the principle of positioning the ads on the list?

The first principle that the system takes into consideration for the positioning of the advertisements is the sorting by date, that is to say last inserted. The other rules are: the more detailed description of the property, the greater number of photos and plans and the insertion of the price.

How will anyone contact me about my announcement?

In the right column of the property description page, there is a form to fill out to contact directly the reference agency or the private one. Alternatively, always on the form, the telephone number is displayed. The service is free and does not require registration.

I did a search but couldn’t find the property I was looking for.

Okcasa.net gives the possibility to save your own searches if you find properties of interest. Otherwise it is possible to directly contact the agencies present in your area, by clicking on the “send your request to the agencies” button and choosing the nearest one.