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Classification Of Protection Levels Of Full-Color LED Displays

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The degree of protection system is drafted by the IEC. The full-color LED display is classified according to its characteristics of dust resistance, protection against foreign objects, water resistance, and moisture resistance. The foreign objects referred to here include tools, human fingers, and so on. Do not touch the live LED display parts in the lamp to avoid electric shock.

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The IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the level of the full-color LED VDWALL LVP615 that is dust-proof and prevents foreign objects from invading it. The second number indicates the degree of sealing that the full-color LED display is moisture-proof and waterproof. The higher the number, the higher the protection level. Dustproof level (indicated by the first X), waterproof level (indicated by the second X).

The First X Represents The Meaning Of The Numeric Code

  • No protection
  • Prevent large solids from invading
  • Prevents intrusion of medium-sized solids
  • Prevent small solids from entering
  • Prevent solid objects larger than 1mm from entering
  • Prevent the accumulation of harmful dust
  • Completely prevent dust from entering

The Second X Represents The Meaning Of The Numeric Code

  • No protection
  • Water droplets have no effect on the shell
  • When the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, water droplets drip into the shell without effect
  • Water or rain has no effect from the 60 degree corner to the shell
  • The liquid is splashed into the shell from any direction without harm.
  • Rinse with water without any harm
  • Can be used in the cabin environment
  • Resistant to water immersion in a short time (1m)
  • Long time immersion in water under a certain pressure

Example: There is a full-color LED display labeled IP65, which means that the product can completely prevent dust from entering and can be washed with water without any harm. The full-color LED display that our company usually makes is the screen body of the title, and the protection level is IP65. It can be washed with rain at the same time under a certain pressure, and it continues to work normally and stably.

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